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Integrated Equine Therapies (IET) stands alone in the horse industry. It is recognized for the high degree of effectiveness and its depth of information, and educational value. IET addresses the most common concerns horsemen/women have regarding horses. The unique IET Method consistently and repeatedly obtains results for acute and chronic conditions that are only superficially understood by almost all professional modern diagnostic methods. The ability to address vascular (blood), neural, endocrine, bone, organ, and nutritional dysfunction – puts IET in a truly elite niche of high demand.

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Integrated Equine Therapies Training Program

Tom Mayes Training CoursesIntegrated Equine Therapies clinics and courses offer the world’s most comprehensive and effective assessment techniques of common and elusive equine health issues. Today’s horse owners, riders, trainers, and therapists have become more knowledgeable than ever. They are seeking more effective solutions to the many common problematic conditions presented by horses. Our courses are uniquely focused on meeting these needs, and they vastly expand upon the assessment and effectiveness of most courses offered in the field. We offer unique techniques, approaches, and diagnostic protocols that have tremendous results and are easily verified by multiple means. Therefore, students who take even one class, or who chose to follow our advanced certification track will find their money and time well spent.

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IET Method Hands-On Clinics & Courses

Integrated Equine Therapies clinicIntegrated Equine Therapies Hands-on Clinics & Courses are weekend to multi day  clinics where students learn non-invasive, highly effective approaches that address the core causes of lameness, metabolic, and emotional dysfunction. This method integrates proven cutting edge modalities, such as Osteopathy, Cranial-Sacral, Applied Kinesiology, Acupressure TCM, Reiki, and Medical Intuition to resolve acute and chronic issues at their deepest level, thereby restoring normal function.

Level 1 – IET Method Foundation Techniques Courses:

(IET F1)Melding with Equus (IET F2)Wisdom of Equine Body (IET F3)Connection With Equus


(IET F5) 5 Day Intensive

Level 2 – IET Method Equine CranioSacral Technique Courses:


Levl 3 – IET Method  Advanced Equine Osteopathy Technique Courses:


IET Certification Programs

Equine Therapy CertificationStudents seeking certification are on a fast pathway to becoming elite equine practitioners by being the recipients of Integrated Equine Therapies (IET) training.

These students learn modalities that offer significant, lasting results dealing with lameness, metabolic, and emotional conditions in horses. Horses that have been non-responsive to modern allopathic and traditional treatments, find relief when treated by an IET therapist. Therefore, students emerging with IET Certification are positioned to enter an elite group of highly sought after therapists; they are well prepared to develop highly successful equine therapy businesses. Our students advance to a profound sense of competency in a sea of confusing and conflicting ideas, and “expert advice.”

Students wishing to seek certification will have the option to become certified in (IET EFT) Equine Foundational Techniques, (IET EQ CST) Equine CranioSacral Techniques, or (IET EQ OSTEO) Advanced Equine Osteopathic Techniques. Through our training, a student will be able to perfect their equine therapy skills and have a true sense of competency.

Certification Programs: