If you are on a journey to go deeper into what truly causes dysfunction/disease- and the most profound durable methods to clear them- then it’s critical to develop three main skillsets!

First and almost always overlooked is one’s Mindset. Coming from heartful authentic stance is essential to deeper healing. Being and exuding compassion is the central aspect to all healing. I believe compassion is the primary, resonant frequency of the universe, what drives vitality and meaning, and is not necessarily passive. It’s melding with your true self and then the horse (canine, person, etc.) This sets the stage for equanimous exchange, encourages the horse to rise up and be fully present in their healing and creates a bubble of safety. I’ve commonly witnessed technically proficient practitioner’s (holistic, DVM’s, Osteopathic)  who have shallow assessments/treatment outcomes, because of their poor “Bedside Manner”.

I’ve commonly watched inexperienced students who consistently obtain remarkable outcomes due to their authentic mindset and inner/outer horse working with them.

Second is the ability to merge with any tissue at depth. This is the physical/energetic interface, and it’s an innate ability that we all possess, and can develop  and enhance effectively. This is the skill which sets Craniosacral, Osteopathy and Myofascial Therapies on another level- and allows access to a deeper, richer world with exponential outcomes and unlimited potentials.

Watch for a follow up post/YouTube on “Levels of Palpation”.

Third is having a working knowledge of anatomical and physiological systems, knowing each tissue inherent motility (specific/systemic actual vitality dance), and engaging in “Restoring Flow” especially those which allow a domino effect of massive restorative vital flow- such as OA joint, esophageal hiatus (answer to stomach ulcers), jugular foramen, etc.

This working knowledge of structure is key-BUT IT’S PRIORITY IS THIRD- because without the ability to connect all the anatomical/physio knowledge is unusable except for manual-allopathic techniques.

Additionally, the ability of good practitioners to acquire vast working anatomical/structural knowledge is exponential once one can feel and engage specific tissues. That knowledge is forever and not lost in a mass memorization of lecture and text.

I’m responding to overwhelming requests for online classes and will begin to launch the first 2  by the end of this year.

Additionally, I’ll start with some free Zoom sessions to allow you to discern if this is the path you wish to expand upon. 

So, if it feels genuine to you- watch for upcoming posts and videos or simply respond by commenting, messaging or emailing me.