Madi Omo, Nancy Bohman, Sharon Lindsay (Teach Assist) Melissa Givner (Host) Tom Mayes (Instructor),
Karen Stone, Jennifer Frew (Teach Assist), Wendy Dolin 

Congratulations! Welcome this Hard Working, Tenacious, Dedicated group of Students on their completion of the Tom Mayes, Integrated Equine Therapies- 5 Day Intensive – Foundational Techniques.

Day 1 – Melding, Merging, Philosophy, Theory, Acupressure, Thoracic Conditions, Emotions, Spirit of the Horse

Day 2 – Forehand Conditions, Techniques, Acupressure Points, Thoracic Conditions, Techniques, Acupressure Points, Range of Movement, Introducing Cranial Patterns, CranialSacral Techniques Emotions

Day 3 – Cranial Patterns, CranialSacral Techniques Emotions, Nutritional Assessments, ProBiotics, Minerals, Problematic Feeds, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Applied Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, Strong, Weak, Polarity

Day 4 – Organs, Patterns, Assessments, Discovery, Melding, Merging, Dynamic Acupressure, Mid Section,Abdominal Cavity, Stomach, More Nutritional Assessments, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Applied Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, Stong, Weak, Polarity

Day 5 – Working the Hind End, Patterns, Assessments, Discovery, Melding, Merging, Dynamic Acupressure, Cranial Sacral, Introducing Osteopathic Techniques, Putting It All Together, all in the Spirit of the Horse at RhineStar Performance Horses


  • Wendy Dolin  I’m still whirling from this 5 day clinic – in a good way! This is just the beginning of my awakening and spiritual journey towards finding my passion & purpose in this life. It’s abundantly clear to me now that horses are definitely my passion, and have been since I was about 3 years old. And although I don’t think my career will lead me towards my passion for horses, I’m certain my life will always have space & time for them in some capacity or another. So grateful to have found Integrated Equine Therapies & Tom and Yolanda Mayes. Thank you for your love, patience and willingness to share your passion and knowledge of horses and bodywork with us. I have no words to explain how much it is appreciated and valued. I feel so honored to have been a small part of such a sacred ritual and dance that was created during this clinic between human and horse. Truly life changing for me. As Tom says, Be bold and I’ll add, shine bright. ♥️
  • Madi Omo And in a blink of an eye, but also feeling like a lifetime, were complete! What an incredible experience 🙏
  • Jennifer Frew   – Had the best 5 days helping out as a teachers assistant at the Intergrated Equine Therapies 5 day intensive Clinic with Tom Mayes. I have more tools to add to my box and got to see so much transformation happen between human and horse. It was incredible! I’m so grateful for Tom Mayes and Yolanda Mayes for sharing their calling to teach others. You can see and feel the passion they have for empowering people and the horses to be the best versions of themselves by awaking the essence of who we truly are. Thank you Melissa Givner for hosting this event and providing such amazing horses to learn from
  • RhineStar Performance Horses  All I can say is wow! This class is absolutely incredible! One of the biggest gifts I am so incredibly thankful for! 🙏🏻💗

Nancy Steffner-Bohman I fell in love with this boy! I hope he feels better!







































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