Equine Applied Kinesiology (AK) – Access the Wisdom of the Equine Body

In this 1-day, hands-on clinic students learn Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), an extremely effective method to pinpoint dysfunctions, diseases, and levels of vitality through the equine body. AK combines the meridian systems, organs, and their associated muscles with the neural system.
Students will learn:

How to assess and manage the body’s innate intelligence to obtain answers to a vast array of issues that are often unattainable by modern allopathic methods:

  • Locate muscle, ligament, and tendon strains
  • Reset polarity to obtain consistent, reliable results
  • Locate organ dysfunctions and determine methods of treatment
  • Acquire potent reflex points to discover organ problems and determine what will clear those problems

Clinic Tuition: $200

Prerequisite: View Melding with Equus; Healing Lameness in Horses DVD

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