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Date(s) - May 17 - May 21
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Private Barn (Greater Sacramento CA Area)


Gabriella OrlandoThis 5-Day Intensive Foundational Hands-on Clinic is limited to 6 students – or up to 10; with one on one, hands on help, from Founder & Instructor Tom Mayes as well as trained Teaching Assistants, allowing for abundant time for one-on-one guidance, feedback, encouragement, and mentoring. This course combines all three (IET F1 , IET F2, IET F3) of the Level 1 Foundational Clinic Series into One 5-Day Intensive Course.

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Students are taught the Melding with Equus®techniques. Melding is the connection we make with the horse on a deeper physical, emotional, and energetic level. Students attending this course will learn this and other advanced techniques that will allow the student to connect with the horse at a deeper level that allows for better training, a better relationship, and better riding.

If you are on the fast track for certification in the Foundational Courses, this is the course for you.

This Clinic is a perfect way to accelerate your awareness, skills, and abilities with horses. This course combines all three (3) of the Integrated Equine Therapies Foundational Hands-on Clinics into one 5-Day course.

  1. Healing Forehand and Cranial Issue: Melding with Equus
  2. Nutritional Assessment & Applied Kinesiology: Wisdom of the Equine Body
  3. Healing Loin and Pelvic issues: Deeper Connection with Equus

Clinic Tuition: $1595    Pay Here

Prerequisite: Purchase DVD –  Melding with Equus; Healing Lameness in Horses DVD

Course Overview:

  • Explore a deeper connection to Horses
  • Develop deeper palpation skills
  • All the techniques taught in each of the Foundational Hands-on clinics  ( IET F1 , IET F2, IET F3)  will be taught throughout the week.
  • Equine Acupressure, Applied Kinesiology, Introduction to Equine Cranial Sacral & Advanced Equine Osteopathy Techniques.
  • Review sessions – allows students an opportunity to ask questions about techniques throughout the week.
  • Clarifying and expanding new concepts
  • Acquire all the Integrated Equine Therapies Techniques from the Level 1 Foundational Clinic Series
  • Clinical applications
  • Demonstrations and specific hands-on training
  • Opportunity to work on applying, refining concepts on variety of horses

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Are You Interested In (IET EFT) Equine Foundational Therapy Techniques Certification?

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Integrated Equine Therapies stands alone in the horse industry due to its high degree of effectiveness, informative, and educational value; that addresses the most common concerns horsemen/women have with their horses. We train horse people to define and address problematic conditions in their horses. This not only empowers students, but helps them create deeper relationships with their horses. Students seeking certification are on a fast pathway to becoming elite equine practitioners by becoming recipients of my decades of training and refined techniques, and methodologies.