The Essence of Equus: Human and Horse Mirroring

In this 1-Day, hands-on clinic students explore the different ways in which horses reflect our strengths and weaknesses. Animals that we are connected to will chose to serve us by mirroring our ways of being; both positive and negative. As they chose to interface with us, they can take on our physical and emotional state in an almost exact reflection.

As we go through life, we continually bring about experiences that we need to embrace and learn from those experiences. We will continually cycle through emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual lessons until we finally get it! Whatever the issue, horses will have a unique physical expression in their body; acute and chronic areas of pain, and diseases. The most profound healing comes when one goes into an area of greatest pain, identifies the underlying emotion holding it, nudges it, and allows it to unwind or let go. Horses that are aware or savvy are constantly in a state of helping us “unwind.”

Students will learn:

  • Melding and connecting skills to assess the deepest nature of the horse and set the stage for authentic dialogue
  • Techniques used to ask the horse to identify one or two core physical restrictions essential for you to look at: direct, indirect, and intuitive.
  • Assess and compare muscular skeletal alignment for yourself, looking for holding and trauma patterns.
  • Evaluation and compare restrictions in yourself and how it mirrors and transfers to the horse.
  • Identify one or two emotions holding that are causing restrictions

Clinic Tuition: $230

Prerequisite: View Melding with Equus; Healing Lameness in Horses DVD

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