Melding with Equus DVD

Melding with Equus

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Integrated Equine Therapies Melding with Equus ~ Healing Lameness in Horses

Tom Mayes Integrated Equine Therapies

Learn techniques to “Merge with your horse” for greater connection, enhanced riding and training. Merging is the core skill, vital to being truly effective with horses. Learn how to identify the major causes of lameness in your horse. Tom Mayes shows specific techniques to assess and treat  common overlooked problem areas in the forehand, spine, loin, and cranium. In a step-by-step guide acquire potent acupoints, osteopathic skills, and learn how to determine the effectiveness of each technique.

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Featured techniques are shown on this DVD:

  • Melding Techniques
  • Fore Trauma Patterns – Front End Issues
  • Cranial Rebalancing – Head Issues
  • Organ Concerns – Whole Body Assessment