Host a Integrated Equine Therapies Clinic and Earn a Free Spot**

Integrated Equine Therapies ClinicsIntegrated Equine Therapies Clinics are for horse owners, trainers, equine professionals, and therapists who would like to learn Tom Mayes Integrated Equine Therapies Method Melding with Equus®.

Interested in becoming a host? Please fill out our Host Application below.

Host Benefits:

  • Opportunity to earn a free spot . **
  • Horses used during the hands-on clinics will experience the benefits of the Integrated Equine Therapies

Barn Basics – Do you have the following?

  • Lecture Area: A covered patio or room for students to comfortably sit on chairs and be able to clearly watch and listen to a PowerPoint lecture.
  • Demonstration Area: A demonstration area is a place where students can comfortably sit on chairs and watch the instructor demonstrate a variety of techniques on a horse. This could be a wash stall, a large aisle or grooming stall, an open pipe rail stall, or an arena. The lecture and demonstration area can be in the same area provided it includes all the necessary requirements for both the lecture and demonstration.
  • Electricity: It is necessary to have an outlet to plug in a computer and projector – either in the lecture/demonstration area or to be able to use an extension cord.
  • Chairs for all the students
  • Table for the computer
  • Horses: A minimum of 6 – 8 horses available during the clinic. Ideally, we like to use horses that are suffering from acute to chronic issues. The horses must be mild mannered.
  • Condition of barn: Horses, lecture/demonstration area, and stall floors need to be clean before the clinic begins.
  • Restroom

** We offer hosts an opportunity to earn free spots at an Integrated Equine Therapies Clinics. After 6-8 students have registered and paid, the hostess attend the seminar for free.

Questions? email us at today so we can get your clinic on the schedule!

Please fill out our Hostess Application if you are interested in becoming a hostess.

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