(IET EQ OSTEO4) Advanced Equine Osteopathic Techniques 4

“New Insight” Lymphatics, Chakras & Energetic Healing

Students will learn additional techniques, insights, and assessments tools The newest research and techniques will be covered in this course.

Advanced Osteopathy 4  (EQOSTEO4) Course is the fourth and final course in the Advanced Osteopathy Certification Program. Each Osteopath Course builds on the previous course and is important to take in order. Students interested in becoming certified in the Integrated Equine Therapies Advanced Osteopathy will need to complete all 4 courses and enroll in the Certification Program. These courses are suitable for horse owners, trainers, equine therapist, veterinarians, and all equine professionals. Techniques taught in this clinic will increase your skill set and enhance your effectiveness.

Clinic Tuition: $659

Prerequisite: Attend Advanced Osteopathy 3 Course

Course Outline:

  • Lymphatic clearing
  • Mechanical filling and emptying pattern
  • Filling (supranation) and emptying (pronation) gait cycle patterns
  • Talo-calcaneous reflex
  • “Shopar” point limb master vascular and neural reset
  • Acupressure to organ unwinding
  • Chakra resetting and therapeutic interface
  • Vector resetting
  • PTSD, shock protocol sympathetic dominance reset
  • Nutritional assessment via acupressure, applied kinesiology, and osteopathy
  • Disease causative factors assessments; infectious, deficiency, allergic, and toxic
  • Disease causative factors emotional and energetic intrusives
  • Human horse mirroring osmotic transfer
  • Core path issue holding AGR


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