(IET F5) 5-Day Intensive IET Method

5-Day Intensive Foundation Techniques Hands-On Equine Therapy Course

In this 5-Day Hands-On Equine Therapies Course, students are taught the IET Method  Melding with Equus® techniques. Melding is the connection we make with the horse on a deeper physical, emotional, and energetic level.

Students attending this course will learn this and other advanced techniques that will allow the student to connect with the horse at a deeper level that allows for better training, a better relationship, and better riding.

This 5-Day Intensive  Hands-on Course is limited to 6 students – or up to 10 with one on one hands on help from Teaching Assistants, allowing for abundant one-on-one time and guidance, feedback, encouragement and mentoring.

If you are on the fast track for certification in the IET Method Foundation Courses, this is the course for you.

This Course is a perfect way to accelerate your awareness, skills, and abilities with horses.

This course combines all three (3) of the IET Method Foundation Techniques Hands-on Courses into one full week of 5-Days Hands On Teaching and Learning.

  1. Healing Forehand and Cranial Issue: Melding with Equus
  2. Nutritional Assessment & Applied Kinesiology: Wisdom of the Equine Body
  3. Healing Loin and Pelvic issues: Deeper Connection with Equus

Prerequisite: View Melding with Equus; Healing Lameness in Horses DVD

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Students interested in becoming certified in the Integrated Equine Therapies will need to complete this clinic and enroll in the Certification Program. This clinic is suitable for veterinarians and all equine professionals. Techniques taught in this clinic will increase your skill set and enhance your effectiveness.

Course Overview:

  • All the techniques taught in each of the Foundational Hands-on clinics will be taught throughout the week.
  • Review sessions – gives students an opportunity to ask questions about techniques that have been already taught
  • Clarifying and expanding new concepts
  • All the Integrated Equine Therapies Techniques in all the Foundational Hands-on Clinics
  • Clinical applications
  • Demonstrations and specific hands-on training
  • Opportunity to work on applying, refining concepts on variety of horses

Integrated Equine Therapies Courses

In order to complete your registration and to secure your place in the course, payment must be received.

Registration Cancellation and Refund Policy for 5 Day Intensive Integrated Equine Therapies Course

 There is a “No Cancellation” Policy for this course.

In the rare event that Integrated Equine Therapies needs to cancel a course, we will let you know at least 21 days prior to the first day of the scheduled course, and immediately refund any full tuition paid. However, we will not be responsible for non-refundable airline tickets or lodging reservations. Please do not purchase airline tickets or make non-refundable deposits on lodging that cannot be canceled 21 days ahead of time.

Inclement Weather Policy for Integrated Equine Therapies Courses

If you have registered for an Integrated Equine Therapies course and traveling becomes hazardous the day of the course, please use your own judgment when deciding to attend. Those who cannot attend a course because of inclement weather should contact the Integrated Equine Therapies Office at (530) 903-6852 the following Monday and refund decisions will be made on an individual basis.

Virtual Learning

Students enrolled in a Virtual Learning Study Group will have ample opportunities to ask questions, get answers, and participate in a discussion on the different techniques they learned during a clinic or course.

Students participating in a Virtual Learning Study Group have found their knowledge and understanding of Integrated Equine Therapies techniques and methods have increased dramatically.

Individuals interested in becoming certified in Integrated Equine Therapies are strongly encouraged to enroll in at least one study group. These groups are limited to 10 students, allowing everyone the opportunity to get their questions answered. Each study group last approximately 90 minutes and requires Skype to be installed on your computer.

Study Group Tuition: $50
Prerequisite: Completed one of the Foundational Hands-on Clinics

* Virtual Learning Study Group option can be added to your order when paying for this course.

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